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The Drunken Libertarian

What is the "Drunken Libertarian"

It seems nobody just wants to be left alone. Right, or left and the many labels that come with them everybody seems to argue some kind of government inference. If you feel like you just want to be left alone to live your life and want to live by your values and ideals this is a place for you. We are not communists who are confused and think they can "own their farm" and be left alone like the idiots on other blog websites. We are also not big business advocates who think we can run society off the backs of working men and woman who are all employed by major corporations who work as government actors in an oligarchy system. We will examine culture flaws together and give analytical breakdowns of events, elections, laws, and effects there of. Lets not feel alone in the desire to be left alone. Lets advocate for the moral realignment of society and argue for the founding principles of great society and democracy. I want people to be happy and free, I want justice to be blind and consistent and society to be honest and friendly. Success shouldn't be hated, and control shouldn't be fought for. 


Lets fight Tyranny, and advocate for Justice and Freedom which is of course the real American Way.   

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