Running to war

Are we running directly into world war 3? Nobody knew when Germany started the slow take over of Czechoslovakia in 1938 that they were on the path to the death of millions and a global war again. When Russia started a shooting war with Ukraine and we were more than happy to participate in another proxy war could that be the triggering point? Could we already be in World War 3 and not even realize it?

Weakness is prevalent in western politics. President Biden and his administration don’t seem to understand that giving wishy washy statements doesn’t prevent violence. This already happened with Russias built up of troops on the Ukrainian boarder. The west, kept making ominous statements of sanctions that may or may not be enforced, including at one point Biden stating that it would depend on the situation and how deep of a troop incursion it was. Even know Europe as a result of there terrible energy policies, led by arrogance and willful ignorance, is still buying Russian gas. The west has give Russia no real reason why the invasion should stop. Canada even willfully gave back energy production equipment to Russia after the shooting started. The only thing the West has done consistently is confiscate Rich Russian citizens property that was illy time in there jurisdiction. That is clearly an underlining left leaning governmental bodies motivation to just take private property.

Now we are experiencing the same thing with Taiwan. China is conducting live fire drills, and having missiles land in Japan’s territorial waters and the West can’t even say definitively if they consider Taiwan to be an independent nation, or that we have problems with the way the China’s government operates. China is being given no reason why they shouldn’t just attack now. Realistically the longer they wait, the more of an opportunity the West has to arm up the island nation. Not to mention as well that the Taiwan government can continue to train its citizen to fight a massive gorilla warfare style resistance.

The worst strategy to take here is quite literally the we keep taking. It’s almost as if we want it to happen.

It isn’t like this wasn’t proven in history BEFORE 2021. In the 1930’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain of the United Kingdom had more than one chance to stop the Nazi’s from advancing and grow in power, which was in direct violation of the treaties signed after world war 1. He didn’t, he took a path of signing more treaties, some of which would be broken a mere months after signing in an attempt to appease his advisories.

Even if the invasion doesn’t start for a year, or even a year and a half it isn’t like we aren’t freely on a path that leads to it now. Americans are traditionally hawkish of war until attacked. That is for the most part a good thing. In fact if we as a citizenry were as hawkish of government overstep and our rights as we were war we probably wouldn’t be having the political debates we must have now. However something the public should actually learn from history is the lack of promise to take action, and as a consequence inaction, will lead to more wars then if you actually threaten to quite literally nuke another country. That’s what truly prevented World War 3 from happening in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The lines were drawn on both sides to what would be allowed and not allowed. Right now, I would image Paramount leader Xi Jinping of China is actually trying to figure out if he himself is less or more confused than Biden on how the Untied States would actually react if China were to commence the invasion tomorrow.

On top of all of this another factor people aren’t factoring in is if Xi Jinping might be backing himself into a corner. The constitution of the communist occupation force that is governing the main land of China has generally not allowed a Chairman to have more than 2 terms. He has been in power since 2012. He was re-elected in 2018. If he has an unprecedented 3rd term as his economy starts tanking, people might become angry. The problem truly with a dictatorship style rule is the “ruler” is actually only in power as long as the generals and major popular public officials have confidence in his or her ability to rule. Popular discontent amongst the general public is the chief factor in that equation. You can over ride however a lot of discontent with motivation. Motivation for national unity, and war. This may be the “it”.

I do hope we reverse course, but this administration always even after they realize they are wrong stay in the path they’re on. They won’t change.

The World War may have already begun.

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